SMART Volunteer Month

Hello Everyone,

SMART is having a scholarship fundraiser for SMART facilitator training. It’s ending in a few day so if you can contribute go here.

I have contributed $200.00 out of the donations from our group to the fund. It has a matching challenge going now so it resulted in $400 being contributed to the fund. I’ve pasted part of the paypal receipt below. You SMARTies can rest assured that your meeting donations are going to SMART and not my Ferrari payments.

Apr 27, 2015 11:56:31 PDT | Transaction ID: 6M703474T8678840F

Hello Steve B,

This email confirms that you have donated $200.00 USD to Alcohol And Drug Abuse Self-Help Network, Inc. using



Donation Details


Confirmation number: 6M703474T8678840F

Donation amount: $200.00 USD

Total: $200.00 USD

Purpose: SMART Recovery Volunteer Month

Reference: Volunteer Month 2015

Contributor: Steve B

Message: From the Irvine, CA Sunday group.

You can apply to take the SMART facilitator under the scholarship by following this link. Please do so if you intend on leading a meeting. Again, only a few days left to apply.

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