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Facilitator – Host Training

SMART meetings function with a facilitator. To learn more and possibly take the training check out this website. We need all the facilitators we can get. There’s a $75 dollar charge and the training you get is great.

There’s also a more basic course where you can become a Host. Training for that is free. SMART is promoting what they are calling “Discussion Meetings” which are led by a host instead of a facilitator. I think this is partially in reaction to the hurdle that facilitator training puts in front of having more meetings. (Or you might consider it a nice free way to learn the SMART principles.)

Reading over the materials, it seems meetings are run pretty much the same with check in, discussion and check out. Hopefully this will result in more people getting interested in starting and leading SMART meetings.

Avoid Bad Rehab

Psychology Today posted and article by Lance Dodes MD who wrote The Sober Truth. It’s on how to avoid bad rehab treatment. Worth a read.

Good SMART regional website

The SMART facilitator listserv exposes us facilitators to things of interest to SMART. A fellow named Rob has created a website that’s worth your time to check out. It’s from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Rob has created some interesting interactive Excell sheets for using the SMART tools under the Tools menu. There are also pdfs of some tools. The blog section shows articles of interest. Check it out.



I was searching around You Tube looking for SMART related videos. I found one where a gentleman with around 30 days sobriety explains why he embraced the SMART program. What’s most interesting is that he did a follow up video over 2 years later and claims SMART didn’t help him and he found sobriety in AA. At the time of the second video he claims 90 day sobriety. It’s important to keep an open mind and to realize that different people find recovery in different ways. The important point is sobriety by whatever works for you. He hasn’t made further follow up videos so I hope he’s doing OK.

Initial Video:

Second Video:

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